Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learn cooking.It's fun!!

Learn cooking...It's fun!

I got to realise this after my boards when I was completely free for around 60 days.As I had nowhere to go,I tried to learn something good from the chef,my mom :)
And also a cook book helped me.I tried out some exotic and delicious dishes from the recipe book. And to my surprise the item would be even more delicious than the one my mom prepares.So now she has no fear of my safety if I'm near the stove or the gas cylinder preparing something. If it is a Sunday,the kitchen is reserved on my name giving a holiday to my dear mom.

Many of them think that cooking is a garelu thing (housewife stuff).But they don't know how foolish they are by thinking so.Didn't get?? Let me give you an example:

Suppose you want to study in say good bye to your parents and also to the delicious love-filled dishes made by mom.You hardly get the Indian tasty items there.Sandwich,burger is the routine item in foreign places.We too like those fast foods but we can't eat that always :-/

And it's difficult to pay for food you eat each and everytime.Now I get to know why maximum of the foreigners are fit and slim.Even they don't like the food there, so they eat less :D
But,if you have the cooking skill you can make your own dishes anytime and eat.We like to be independent for everything.Why not in this too? Homemade foods are pure and healthy, i think we all know this. Another thing just screws me up. 'Cooking is a girl thing' :-/ hello! let me remind you one thing that whenever we go to any restaurants or 5star hotels, we hardly see a woman working there. 99.9% of the chefs are men .So, this has proven that cooking is neither a male thing nor a female thing.It's for everybody.Like everyone eats, everyone should cook and learn cooking.I am not forcing you to cook. It's your wish.But cooking is not a low job.It's so much fun like playing.

Now let me stick to my headline.

Cooking is like doing a chemistry experiment.If you are a bio student then I think I am successful in my mission of explaining how fun-filled cooking is:
adding chopped vegetables,water some spicy ingredients and you are done :) It's more easy than saying.Seriously!

'Do what you love! love what you do'!
If you don't love cooking, try to love it.

Hint : Check out the film 'Ratatouille'.It's an awesome and an inspirational movie on cooking. After watching it the first thing I did was COOKING! :D

If you did watch it but don't like to cook then you are worthless to live :-/

Sorry for that.
But one thing is true-

'A chef is hidden in each and everyone'.Some realise it lately.So try to wake up the hidden chef in you and enjoy cooking.
Happy cooking! :)


Aparna said...

feel like learning to cooking ....wonderful post dear!

Akshay S Dinesh said...

I started!!! THANKSSSSSSS a lotttttt

ASR said...

good post dear. i would say 'destiny' forced to learn cooking. but it wasnt always fun. i still bear d marks of small burns.
u got 60 free days after ur boards. think of a sitution when u r working 8-10 hrs a day, then coming back then it wont b as interesting as u said.
keep writing...

Nazish Rahman said...

My first visit to your lovely blog...its nice attractive i should say, n hey i mean the articles too :)!!
Well i too love cooking and when ever i get time i try to learn new dishes. M more into baking cakes n all...n even other recipes. Cooking for me is a stress buster and passion. I always wanted to b a chep but my dad never allowed me to do it.....though we hav a restaurant. As a matter of fact our entire family is into this restaurants business for the past 2 generations.:)

I liked the way u hav expressed your thoughts and u seems to pretty determined that ppl who dont love cooking...hav something wrong with them...hahahah!!! Thats not the case every1 is diff!!

Look forward to visit your lovely blog again soon!!
Keep blogging n COOKING too :)!!
take care :))

Akhila said...

That's good thing...
Would like to taste some :P

Akhila said...

You are absolutely right :)
That's why after 60 days..when my college began I never cooked:D Our college is for 12 horrible hours..and cooking food with an empty stomach??..IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Thanks for your comment :)
Keep commenting!!! :P

Akhila said...

@Nazish :)
You like cooking and wanted to become a chef??..that's simply wonderful :)
I would just like to say onething..'follow your dream'...coz we should do things in which we are interested..
anyway,parent's opinion and decision is also important coz they are never wrong.
And about my blog and post..
Thankyou soooo much for your comment :)
Keep commenting!! :P

Rahul Sureshan said...

Sum1 giv me some food!! I m dyin of starvation wich has been aggravated by this mouth waterin story..... :D

Sorcerer said...

Cooking is an awesome thing to do..
I love to cook..and its a fantastic moment!

no recipes..but going by the instinct