Sunday, April 18, 2010


Gulabo! Gulabo! Come here....

Gulabo: Yes mam..

Me: Get the red file.It's in the cupboard.

Gulabo:Okay mam...

My cupboard used to be very untidy.Filled with piles of files,documents,papers everything related to my office work.I never got time to tide it up nor I said to any of the servants to do so.As they are important things,they can be careless.But after that car accident, my legs were hurt.So I had to take the help of Gulabo,my faithful servant.

Gulabo: Sorry mam! some letters and photographs fell down.

Me: No problem Gulabo. Pick them and keep it inside.

Gulabo: Okay..

While i was busy in my work,Gulabo was picking the letters and photographs and keeping inside the shelf.Once she just turned the photograph and said...

Gulabo: Mam! you are looking beautiful in this photo

Me: What do you mean Gulabo. Don't I look beautiful now..

Gulabo: Ofcorse mam! you do....Mam! who is this person with you...I've never seen this person before...

Me: What???..wait i'm coming...

Gulabo: No mam! it would hurt..let me come..

Me: Gulabo! let me be independent. Atleast let me roll my wheel chair by myself..

I was completely shocked when i saw the photo.It was like the world was paused for a moment..

Me: RRRRR...Rahul!!!!

Gulabo: Rahul?? Mam..who is this Rahul?

Me: Gulabo! will you please give me a minute

Gulabo: ahah...sure mam..i'll ready for the dinner

I couldn't just believe that i saw him again, in a photo...all the memories of the past were refreshened.That was the photo of us when we were on a trip to Kulu Manali. I met Rahul in Kulu and there the story begun
It was about seven years back and I was 20 then.I went to Kulu Manali with my friends and I met Rahul there.Handsome,honest,intelligent and a very responsible person.These were the qualities I got to know about him.As time passed we were deeply in love each other..but one question of annoyed me and ruined everything..
Rahul: Sanjana! Don't you think we should give our relation a name??

Sanjana: What do u mean Rahul? we love each other.What else is needed.

Rahul: I mean...ahh...the marriage..i think we should get married.

Sanjana: What??

Rahul: Yes Sanju! I can't wait more..and anyways..we had to do this one day, why not now..

Sanjana: Have you lost it? I mean...i'm just 20..there are many ambitions..many dreams in my life..i'm not ready to become a bride and all...

Rahul: But can do this even after marriage..

Sanjana: Ya but....NO!! Rahul...and my dad is paying a lot for my studies..i always give first priority to studies.. dad sent me here in the hope that i wouldn't do anything wrong..coz he trusts on me

Rahul: Then what now?? You wanna say that everything is over??

Sanjana: Did I say that?? wait for some years..i would be completing my studies then and i'll tell about us to dad..

Rahul: Years?? What do you think of me Sanjana?? i a toy for you?? Don't you care of my feelings?? my emotions??

Sanjana: As if you take care of everything.You are also not trying to understand me..i'm not ready for marraige and all...

Rahul: You should think about all this before loving me..

Sanjana: What do you was my wrong??

Rahul: No Sanju! it was my wrong to fall in love with you..and thankyou so's not late though..
Goodbye Sanjana...our minds are incompatibe...let's finish all this here...

Sanjana: You just can't leave me like this...RAHUL! listen to me..RAHUL!! RAHUL!..

He suddenly disappeared and never returned....

As i was coming back to reality..i noticed burly tears on my cheeks...

I saw another photograph of us...with a small kid..


Rahul: Look Sanjana, he is so cute..

Sanjana: yeah! very sweet...let's capture this moment..

Rahul: But their parents...i think they would bother...

Sanjana: Why would they mind..okay before they see us...let's capture it......okay......say CHEESE!!!

Rahul likes kids a lot.He also told me about his charity.He impressed me with it..
While i was keeping all the photographs back in the shelf..i noticed some love letters which Rahul wrote for me...'Love' 'Care' 'Promises'...he wrote half of the letter related to that...I got to know that 'Writing on a paper' and 'Actually doing it in life' are both very different.

Times passed,but not the love which I had for him.I loved
him,love him and keep loving him till my last breath...though i passed on the marraige age...i wanted to live alone as it is impossible for me to think of someone else in my life.I was wondering...what is he doing now?? Does he still love me?? Did he marry someone else??..Is he there??

I didn't get any answers to my questions but I noticed his mobile number back of one of the photographs...and again a few questions...
Shall I dial??
Will he lift the phone??
Is this still his no.??
What will i say when he speaks??
My heat started beating fast when i dialed the no.


My breath stopped for a moment when i heard his voice.Same voice..sweet voice...

Rahul: Hello!! who is this??

Sanjana: aaah.....hhhellloo!!!!

Rahul: Hello...Who??


Rahul: Sanjana???

I felt like 'i never felt before' when i heard my name from him.

Sanjana: Rahul..

Rahul: Sanjana!!! Is it you?? My god!!! I just can't believe this

Sanjana: You still remember me...??

Rahul: Ya ofcorse...are you stupid?? Why would I forget you...

I was like in the seventh heaven when I got to know that he still remembers me...I just wanted to unhidden all the truth which i hid it from the world. I always used to be rude and rough to others..employees, servants, friends and family..for which iam all alone in this world...i was living in the dark till now...but no more...i just wanted him back in my life...i wanted to say sorry for all the mistakes i did...he just wanted to tie me in a beautiful relation ship...but I had been selfish and was thinking all about myself...Today I have,fame luxury..everything but not love..not Rahul...
Before I was going to reveal everything I heard someone's voice on the phone..
'Rahul..dinner is ready..come fastly...
Rahul felt a little bit uncomfortable with it an said in a slow voice..'Ya...iam coming'..

Sanjana: she your mom??

Rahul :

Sanjana : Iam wondering who she is...

Rahul : ahhhh...Sssanjana....ssshe is wife....Pooja..

A biggest shock I got in my life.It was like all the hopes had broken

Sanjana: Ohhh....wife....aah..good..great...

Rahul: We got married 3 years back...

Sanjana: Ohh....good (weeping)

Rahul : are you??...Did you??

Sanjana: No Rahul, iam still single...

Rahul: What??..but why?

Sanjana: ahh...kk..I got to go...byee Rahul...miss you...lov------

I shut the phone before completing my line..

Rahul: Hello..sanjana??...are you there??...SANJU!!!!

My last hope, the last person in this world whom i care..i've lost him. Rahul is happy with his new family.But I...I have no one.But he did the right thing.We can get fame and luxuries anytime but once if you ignore your relationships...they won't come back.
A relationship is like a rubber band.You can stretch it as much as you want but when you leave it,it hurts a lot.
As I was wiping my tears, I saw Gulabo coming with the dinner plate..

Gulabo: Mam! the dinner..

Sanjana: Ya! Iam coming. And there any festival tomorrow??

Gulabo: mam..but why?

Sanjana: there isn't any? matter...inform all the servants the news that Sanjana Malhotra is giving everyone a week holiday.Would that be enough Gulabo??

Gulabo: (shocked..and dropped the dinner plate) whaaaaaaaat??

Sanjana: That would be little i about 3 weeks...??

Gulabo: Mam!! are you alright??

Sanjana: Ya..i'm completey alright dear...and about the holidays..ya iam serious about it.And gulabo!! Iam extremely sorry for not giving a single holiday for Dusherra.Tell that to everyone that iam sorry for it and these holidays.....think that iam paying back for what you've done to me these years..

Gulabo: (crying) Mam!!!

Sanjana: I know that iam new and strange today..but i learnt a lesson today Gulabo.And iam extremely sorry for all the rudeness which i showed to all of you...

Gulabo: No mam!! it's the god grace that we got a chance to serve you.

The servants who were hiding and listening to all the talk..were also completely shocked of the sudden change...

All: Sanjana long!!....sanjana long..

I saw Rahul's photo and said in just one word..THANKYOU.....and rolled my wheel chair to the dinner table.

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