Sunday, April 4, 2010


HEY!! TOMORROW IS SUNDAY.WEEK'S ONE HOLIDAY.YO!!', i said that to one of my friend yesterday during our lunch break around 12:20pm. We all folks were very happy,enjoyed our lunch break by sharing each other's food, chit-chatting,playing antakshari and sleeping for 6min before the study hours start.
MATHS STUDY HOURS 12:40pm: Mam gave us some sums in the morning and told us to do in study hours.So, like goo
d students we started solving it. It was not difficult and boring though.Challenging something new and tuff things is actually very exciting.But when the battle get's down in the middle we take the help of our pals.The same thing i did. I started clarrifying my doubts with my friends and vice-versa and atlast we got everything completed

ENGLISH PERIOD 3:20 (LAST PERIOD): That was like a fun period for us. Mam was teaching some 14 reel story 'prince and the pauper'.I've alread watched it but the name was 'Barbie as the princess and the pauper'. I kinda felt it as the same one..only the gender was the difference. So i started showing off saying,'I know that story re'...But still i wanted to listen to it. Mam's accent and the way of teaching, we all found it funny.She was the new teacher for 12th class. 'hey Divya! What's the time?' i asked her. She replied,'3:40'. I was feeling very bored and irritating as the story and the time was going like ekta kapoor's serials. Endless and nothing exciting.'Throw your watch in some trash-bin',i replied. 4:15..Atlast it was the 'samaptaha' :D
'Enjoy your sunday buddies. Meet you on Monday...I said and vice-versa and left the place.

FINALLY...IT'S SUNDAY...the day for relaxing and enjoying for 12th students. I was in no mood to go out or enjoy with my friends, so i wanted to stay at home resting for all the day......Now let me go in brief :D 12:40...i usually do lunch at 1 or 2....but my family, means mom,dad and sis.Appu is in hostel. Mom and dad were starting to do lunch calling me 'akki..akki' come on!!! otherwise your dad would eat all the curry.That was the way i used to be trapped before..long long ago...anyways i would be feeling bored of eating alone so i started eating. I never ever in my whole life felt about my college or thought about my college when i wasn't in my college.But today,the very first time i was thinking about it, about our lunch period when we all cronies eat together fastly as there is a limited time for our lunch hours.Mom always keeps my fav items and in the way i like to..ab ye maa ki mamta comments!!!..but now..i would have to do everything myself :/ at college we used to sit at one place and enjoy our eating.But now i have to make tetra trips from the dining hall to my room THE T.V and A.C centre.....sometimes i do extra rounds when i forget to take the drinking water and salt for my curd rice. And in contrast, mom used to keep everything if i'm in college..The drinking water..the ingredients for taste, all ready before me as if i'm having the royal lunch. How can our sri chaitanya college give us holiday without giving home work?? NO CHANCE!! i started doing my HW right in afternoon so that i can enjoy my evening sitting before lappy or t.v. But the moment i started, doubts were raising like a volcano.A question mark face appeared when i saw those matrix problems. It was an easy chapter but i felt bored of solving it alone. I wished to be at college with my friends and discuss our doubts..SHOCKING!!! i wish to be in college!!! LOL!. Now..let me get into it more briefly :D *** Sometimes we like the things which we unlike before..Best example-My college.I used to hate it in 11th class as i coudn't adjust myself with new fellows,the timings, the teachers etc.But now i got jilled-milled in it. So to like or adjust in something or with someone may take a long time but the result is always positive.This was the message i recieved and i wolud like to convey it to everyone :)


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well written...make most of ur college n hv fun

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