Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The bountiful love

LOVE is something which....happens....it can't be expressed but can only be felt. But when the same LOVE is expressed in money, the bliss changes into a hell....Read this story....story of a loving couple and their life in hot water...how about an ice cafechino???...and that too for all free ;)

Tujpe ye dil haraa..
Tere adaaye ne mujko maara..

Tu hain mere ankhon ka taara..
Tere bin main hu besahaara..
Ek taraf tu aur dusri taraf ye duniya saara..'

The most irrititating poem sung by Rohit, as he sings the same
one everyday.But still i kind of feel it sweet :)
From past two years,Rohit tried to give all the luxuries by pulling out all the stops.I know that he loves me very much but he never tried to understand me, never understood that what all i want from him is his love and his saath...

But Rohit always thought that i was unadjustable with him as i come from a rich family. In short,we both are uncompatible but we love each other...

I still remember the day when he bought a chaffinch on our first anniversary.

I always tell him that i love singing birds. So,he bought one. It kind of looked like an expensive one but as i always say, he is in the habit of putting himself in a tight squeeze. But to give him his due, he's a very loving and caring husband :)

After that things were getting quite bad. Rohit lost his job as he didn't show up much in his office.
Rohit is kind of crafty man. He always skips his work and passes the buck. But the desire to make money made him to take a wrong turn....

We were in a financial debt, as he took a fat loan to buy a bungalow and gift it to
me for my birthday.

He never told me that he took a loan. When i asked him about the bungalow, he told me that it was a gift from his company. But i was not sure about it so he started leading me a dance.

Rohit knows his onions that by doing all this he could be in a fine pickle. But to make me happy he kept himself to himself. To keep up with the joneses, he started becoming a gadget freak. If i would have known all this from the scratch, i would have tried to tell him that i never longed for luxuries or gadgets or any material life. All i wanted from him was only his love and saath....

My silence has ruined our life. The bountiful love he showed me brought us in a fix......

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tu hi toh mera dost hain

Time may change,but not friendship.A real friend is a friend who is with u in your joys and sorrows.I have a school friend .Our friendship is called classic friendship in my view as it is unaffected by changing times,circumstances.How we are now,we will be then for sure.So,do u have any friend like i have?Is your friendship also classic?well it's you who have to think about that.Don't get so tensed,if you are, then sorry to disturb your mind.Stop thinking about the future and enjoy your present day in my cafe with a cup of coffee and enjoy this friendship song.

I love you

you love me

we're best friends like

friends should be

you're in my heart

and in my soul

i'll never let you go free

I kiss you

you kiss me

you're my friend

coz u wanna be

in the friend's park

on a morning walk

if i fall will you please catch me

If you fall then

i let u fall

in my arms


I'm new in this blogging world.So,i want to start it with a sweet poem about maa ka pyaar.Hope u like it:0
सोचा था एक दिन
एक दिन ये सोचा
बनाऊ मैं खाना
ऐसा खाना जो बनाई हो मैं ना
लगे ऐसा जैसे बनाई हो मेरी माँ ने
तेल, सब्जी, मसाले वसाले, सब दाल दिए
पानी भी मिलाया ताकि और बड़ियाँ पके
बीच बीच मैं इधर उधर गुमाती रही
एक कुर्चल के सहारे
बड़ी बेताबी थी चकने की
ना जाने कैसा बना हो
पर तब तक पुरा पका
जब पकी तब चाकी
कुछ अधर था
डाला नज़र रेसिपी किताब पर
सब पर रखे थे मैंने टिक्क मार्क
फिर सोचा की क्या हैं ये अधूरी
माँ भी बनाती थी ऐसा ही
फिर क्यूँ हैं ये अधूरी
फिर याद आया की
माँ एक बहुत ही
ख़ास और राज़ पदार्ट मिला थी
जो मैं कही मिला सखी
और वोह था

माँ का प्यार