Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tu hi toh mera dost hain

Time may change,but not friendship.A real friend is a friend who is with u in your joys and sorrows.I have a school friend .Our friendship is called classic friendship in my view as it is unaffected by changing times,circumstances.How we are now,we will be then for sure.So,do u have any friend like i have?Is your friendship also classic?well it's you who have to think about that.Don't get so tensed,if you are, then sorry to disturb your mind.Stop thinking about the future and enjoy your present day in my cafe with a cup of coffee and enjoy this friendship song.

I love you

you love me

we're best friends like

friends should be

you're in my heart

and in my soul

i'll never let you go free

I kiss you

you kiss me

you're my friend

coz u wanna be

in the friend's park

on a morning walk

if i fall will you please catch me

If you fall then

i let u fall

in my arms

1 comment:

AVI said...

do really I have to sung that song,if yes then m not comin at ur cafe.... yaar people wud call me gay.. if I sung that.... :p juzz kidding...

I got a friend... To whom I can share my bad moments... how weak am I.... n alwaz hav a faith... whateva happen... he'll be on my side...... :)