Monday, July 5, 2010


but Iam not the beast :|

This is a very hilarious incident which happened when I was 6 years old.
My sister and I were thinking of some nick names for me. Akki, Akku were very common and boring names. So we were deeply thinking of some good nick names.
I don't remember if I was also thinking about the names. I mean...come on..I was six then. I might have used my little brain. Suddenly Appu got an idea and said,'How about beasty'??
I felt it quite bizzare by it as I didn't know what it meant.

Me : Hmm, it's nice but what's the meaning of beasty.

Appu : (Giggling) means good,intelligent and talented girl.

I wasn't sure about the definition but I felt the name quite good...Beasty...yeah good!

So, finally we decided my nick name. The whole day my sister was calling me 'beasty'.. 'beasty' and I naively replied, 'yeah' 'yeah'..'say'...

At night my dad came home from his office and we both kids were very excited that we jumped on him...checking his pocket and hands as we always expected some candies and lollipops.
Then my sister said to me, 'Beasty,why don't you ask dad about the meaning of beasty. He can define it in fine words and tomorrow you can proudly tell your friends about your new nick name and its meaning'.

Like an innocent girl I asked dad about the meaning of it..Then my dad replied, 'Beasty means Buffalo'!

I went nuts with its meaning..and my sis was ROTFLing and told dad the whole dad smiled and said,'You silly kids'!

Fine...the word isn't actually a buffalo. It has some naughty meanings ;)
To make a 6 year old girl understand my dad said that...
So....I became the bakra of that day and from then my sister calls me beasty and even now.

That day I felt angry on my sister but now when I remember that incident I always laugh at it. My all college friends know about this so they tease me...

What are you thinking of?...okay
fine..even you get the privilege.. :D

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Aparna said...

Hey beasty!!

hilarious post

i find many ways to make u bakraa naa