Sunday, July 18, 2010

The BAD guy

It was a normal day as usual- boring classes and study hours.JL'S (Junior lecturers) come for study hours. We students are better than them knowldegewise.I still laugh at that incident.My very good science stream friend said this to me.
Once during in their study hours she asked a JL a doubt in physics.As per the schedule they had to study theory questions but she wanted to solve physics problems.When she asked the doubt to him he replied,'I've just prepared for the theory questions. I don't know about this'. I was ROTFLING!!!! for atleast 5 mins. See, this is the standard of our JL'S but our SL'S are the best.But this is not the one which I want to share...... :D

One day during physics study hours, a handsome face just like Robert Pattinson's interested my eyes.Many of my friends liked him and I had an instant crush on him.

That young guy of 20 was our JL. Even in my dreams I never expected such a charming person as a JL. The lecturers here are either too lean or obese :(

But heeeeeee??...He is something else...out of this world!!! ;)
I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was making rounds here and there and my heart beats raised when he walked by my side. We wanted to ask him doubts just in the pretext of introducing ourselves and talking with him.

We all feel happy when the bell rings in school but this time when the bell rang,we all were disappointed. It was the time for him to leave. I wish I could just hold that moment forever.But we enjoyed that one period
My friend and I were thinking of some nicknames.Since he was a perfect dream boy we wanted to name him DB.
But DB was something straight. We wanted to keep something mysterious and secretive.How about BD??,I suggested.
Friend: BD!!..eeks!..Noway..He is not a smoker(beedi)..I bet on that.

Me: Then just stress the word..I mean B-D..BAD..yeah BAD!!!..what say??

Friend: Awesome and suited him.He is THE bad guy :D

So, like this we thought of a perfect funny name for him. BAD!!
He didn't come to study hours then from the next day. That was the second disappoinment.

Rumours said that our principal dismissed him as we girls were getting diverted from studies :D


Aparna said...

oh crush on lecturer!!!

sad that he left

Sandeep sagar said...

Akki,What happenend to thet guy?,
Crush on lecturer is quiet natural.I also want to say a story.I loved my old lecturer,She simply looks like Deepika padukone!:D

Nazish Rahman said...

Poor lecturer :)!!

Purba said...

It seems kids nowadays share similar sentiments - that they know more than their teacher.

My daughter cribs all the time!

But an eye candy for a lecturer is good news, pray that he comes back!

Sorcerer said...

Crush on a lecturer is quiet natural thing!

Well I had a crush on my English miss when I was in 8th.


Seriously..I miss those good old days..i meant the college days..
It was soo awesome!

azeem said...


Anonymous said...

Super akki. . .