Monday, July 12, 2010

Akki's home for Imaginary friends

He was very handsome and cute. He was on the sofa still like a 'sitting Liberty statue'
What was he doing in my house??

I wanted to introduce myself to him. I wasn't dressed properly. So I went to the dressing room, wore casuals,a little bit of make-up and perfume and I was all done.

Then I felt some disturbance in my room. I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

The servant maid opened the windows for ventilation and switched off the fans for sweeping. My sister who was sleeping beside me pulled out the middle pillow to comfort her legs. Then I opened my eyes and I got to know that what ever I had seen before was all my dream. I felt so dissappointed :(

But one thing we all do is try to see that dream again.If not just imagine it.

Mark these great words of Akki-The Great, " Dreaming is not in our hands.We dream in our subconcious mind which is not under our control. So if you want to see that dream though you know that it isn't true then just imagine it.
Imagination is under our control.We can imagine whatever we want and in the way we wish.So we have one natural super power which makes us happy for a while i.e IMAGINATION! "
So I tried to recollect that dream and switched on my Imagination Brain T.V (IBT.V) :D

Although there were 'black and white dots' and the screen was blank with a buzz sound in my IBT.V at the beginning, it was alright after sometime.An
d then I tried to imagine that..imagine..imagine and imagine.

(In my IBT.V)

What the hell ! I couldn't see that guy. Infact, I see my classmate. The bully.He always steals my books and hits me. Then my pesky lecturer arrives.
Not the right channel !! Let me tune it.Where's the remote?
I saw another guy who was much more handsome than that dream boy. We talked for several hours and had a great time.
It was the time to switch off my IBT.V and get back to my real usual and boring life.
While going he said,'Akhila,whenever you want to meet me just imagine me.I promise to come on your IBT.V I had a great time with him.

I came back from my IBT.V. I opened my eyes.It was 7:30am then. 'Oh no! I am getting late for school'.


Just try it! Just imagine :)

Imagination is more important than knowledge-Albert Einstein :P


AVI said...

Luvved all da Imaginay things.. except dat boy.. :p and Dreams are better than Imaginary things..
so m sort of against Da Great Akki's word.... but yet story is funny... :)

Aparna said...

now i know why you sleep for a long time

you keep imagining and dreaming about boys!!??

Nazish Rahman said...

lolz..nice post!!
it was quite interesting :)!

Anonymous said...

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