Saturday, May 28, 2011's just for fun

This happened when my sister and myself were watching 'salaam namastey' a hindi movie and one of my favourite.
People who watched this movie might get an idea about which scene iam talking about..the one at the beach..yeah right..!! those days when i was in 8th..that little was extreme for me. I watched this movie no. of times but still don't get bored. It's the same like the movie 'Nine Months' but the one in hindi was better.
We knew what happens and when. Iam talking about the movie, not the real life because the thing that happened next..oh god! so embarrassing. We did a lot of preperation to get ready for the scene. The big bedroom has got partitioned and A.C has been fixed on the other part of the room so that the air conditioner covers all the sides fast. But the problem is that the partition door. Even though one locks the door it's easy to open if less force is applied. But we trusted it for a while and locked the door and were getting ready for the scene. I had the remote on my hands. My sis said,'It's about to come. Dad's at home so be careful..and if something's wrong change the channel immediately. Well the whole responsibility was in my hands coz i can't even trust the remote. It needs slaps every now and then.
Then..atlast the scene air, hot scene...ooohhh..!!
Aparna : I shouldn't show this to you.
Me : You don't worry..! I've seen this.
Aparna : okay..just be careful..
Well we were all enjoying the scene and didn't care of the not trustworthy door which again cheated us. The positions in which we sat were that my sister could see first who enters the room.
I was all involved in the scene..few seconds later appu yelled,'Daddy!!!!..Akki Akki!!!
OMG..! did I hear the door sound?...I was so dazed and confused that I went numb and threw the remote high in the air without changing the channel.
My sister screaming and running like a mad girl went to the t.v to switch off. My dad witnessed the scene and scolded my sister for showing a small girl (me..really?) such dirty stuff.
My sister was katti with me that whole day.
Well..that's what the benefits of youngers are. Full on entertainment with no scoldings. I couldn't face my dad that day
P.S : Don't imitate the above scene. The consequences might be more embarassing.
If you want to then go through these cautions
1. Check your door once. If there are problems get it repaired.
2. Don't be lazy to change the batteries of the remote.
3. Make sure you don't go numb when you are tensed. Try to practise more and more. Then you will get an idea of how to act to that situation :p


Venkat said...

hahahaha....!! your scene is very awesome,especially the twist of that,when your dad screams in ;-)...very thrilling story of you both....

sawan said...

:) imagine ur dad reading this post :) m sure he wud have a good laugh :P

Abhyudaya Shrivastava said...

Haha.. funny episode. Akki you've been awarded the most Versatile blogger.

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KParthasarathi said...

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