Sunday, July 18, 2010

The BAD guy

It was a normal day as usual- boring classes and study hours.JL'S (Junior lecturers) come for study hours. We students are better than them knowldegewise.I still laugh at that incident.My very good science stream friend said this to me.
Once during in their study hours she asked a JL a doubt in physics.As per the schedule they had to study theory questions but she wanted to solve physics problems.When she asked the doubt to him he replied,'I've just prepared for the theory questions. I don't know about this'. I was ROTFLING!!!! for atleast 5 mins. See, this is the standard of our JL'S but our SL'S are the best.But this is not the one which I want to share...... :D

One day during physics study hours, a handsome face just like Robert Pattinson's interested my eyes.Many of my friends liked him and I had an instant crush on him.

That young guy of 20 was our JL. Even in my dreams I never expected such a charming person as a JL. The lecturers here are either too lean or obese :(

But heeeeeee??...He is something else...out of this world!!! ;)
I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was making rounds here and there and my heart beats raised when he walked by my side. We wanted to ask him doubts just in the pretext of introducing ourselves and talking with him.

We all feel happy when the bell rings in school but this time when the bell rang,we all were disappointed. It was the time for him to leave. I wish I could just hold that moment forever.But we enjoyed that one period
My friend and I were thinking of some nicknames.Since he was a perfect dream boy we wanted to name him DB.
But DB was something straight. We wanted to keep something mysterious and secretive.How about BD??,I suggested.
Friend: BD!!..eeks!..Noway..He is not a smoker(beedi)..I bet on that.

Me: Then just stress the word..I mean B-D..BAD..yeah BAD!!!..what say??

Friend: Awesome and suited him.He is THE bad guy :D

So, like this we thought of a perfect funny name for him. BAD!!
He didn't come to study hours then from the next day. That was the second disappoinment.

Rumours said that our principal dismissed him as we girls were getting diverted from studies :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Akki's home for Imaginary friends

He was very handsome and cute. He was on the sofa still like a 'sitting Liberty statue'
What was he doing in my house??

I wanted to introduce myself to him. I wasn't dressed properly. So I went to the dressing room, wore casuals,a little bit of make-up and perfume and I was all done.

Then I felt some disturbance in my room. I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

The servant maid opened the windows for ventilation and switched off the fans for sweeping. My sister who was sleeping beside me pulled out the middle pillow to comfort her legs. Then I opened my eyes and I got to know that what ever I had seen before was all my dream. I felt so dissappointed :(

But one thing we all do is try to see that dream again.If not just imagine it.

Mark these great words of Akki-The Great, " Dreaming is not in our hands.We dream in our subconcious mind which is not under our control. So if you want to see that dream though you know that it isn't true then just imagine it.
Imagination is under our control.We can imagine whatever we want and in the way we wish.So we have one natural super power which makes us happy for a while i.e IMAGINATION! "
So I tried to recollect that dream and switched on my Imagination Brain T.V (IBT.V) :D

Although there were 'black and white dots' and the screen was blank with a buzz sound in my IBT.V at the beginning, it was alright after sometime.An
d then I tried to imagine that..imagine..imagine and imagine.

(In my IBT.V)

What the hell ! I couldn't see that guy. Infact, I see my classmate. The bully.He always steals my books and hits me. Then my pesky lecturer arrives.
Not the right channel !! Let me tune it.Where's the remote?
I saw another guy who was much more handsome than that dream boy. We talked for several hours and had a great time.
It was the time to switch off my IBT.V and get back to my real usual and boring life.
While going he said,'Akhila,whenever you want to meet me just imagine me.I promise to come on your IBT.V I had a great time with him.

I came back from my IBT.V. I opened my eyes.It was 7:30am then. 'Oh no! I am getting late for school'.


Just try it! Just imagine :)

Imagination is more important than knowledge-Albert Einstein :P

Monday, July 5, 2010


but Iam not the beast :|

This is a very hilarious incident which happened when I was 6 years old.
My sister and I were thinking of some nick names for me. Akki, Akku were very common and boring names. So we were deeply thinking of some good nick names.
I don't remember if I was also thinking about the names. I mean...come on..I was six then. I might have used my little brain. Suddenly Appu got an idea and said,'How about beasty'??
I felt it quite bizzare by it as I didn't know what it meant.

Me : Hmm, it's nice but what's the meaning of beasty.

Appu : (Giggling) means good,intelligent and talented girl.

I wasn't sure about the definition but I felt the name quite good...Beasty...yeah good!

So, finally we decided my nick name. The whole day my sister was calling me 'beasty'.. 'beasty' and I naively replied, 'yeah' 'yeah'..'say'...

At night my dad came home from his office and we both kids were very excited that we jumped on him...checking his pocket and hands as we always expected some candies and lollipops.
Then my sister said to me, 'Beasty,why don't you ask dad about the meaning of beasty. He can define it in fine words and tomorrow you can proudly tell your friends about your new nick name and its meaning'.

Like an innocent girl I asked dad about the meaning of it..Then my dad replied, 'Beasty means Buffalo'!

I went nuts with its meaning..and my sis was ROTFLing and told dad the whole dad smiled and said,'You silly kids'!

Fine...the word isn't actually a buffalo. It has some naughty meanings ;)
To make a 6 year old girl understand my dad said that...
So....I became the bakra of that day and from then my sister calls me beasty and even now.

That day I felt angry on my sister but now when I remember that incident I always laugh at it. My all college friends know about this so they tease me...

What are you thinking of?...okay
fine..even you get the privilege.. :D