Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Four Net Friends

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The scraps which everyone are allowed to read.....;)


It's been two months that i've been talking to him. A stranger before but a good friend now. Actually, i don't know anything about him ex
cept a few things like his name, location ,school, and his good friend Meena nd also a good friend of mine..hopefully!!
He lives is Colaaba, class 12th and just two mention iam of the same class. I was stuck with my pre-final exams then... so for two weeks, i was off from the net. But many times , i keep thinking about him. I've seen his photos.He looks very good. When he asks for my photos, i give excuses like, sorry!! sister warned me not to show photos...It's not in the pc, i'll scan and show them soon...
Though i know that i look good, i never felt comfortable to show him my pics...
Now as my excuses were taking a long period, he must be thinking that i don't look that good- i thought in that way.

I keep thinking about him often. Our talks, secrets, chit-chats, all were like plugged into my ears. In the last page of my note book i scribble, draw pictures, do my signature a 10 times, write my sister name and mine with sur names and sometimes write his name but to half Tan..and then i complete it with my name Tanya..only the 'may' was missing. Don't get puzzled too much, his name his Tanmay...
Don't know why but i feel very shy and afraid of even writing his name. Well...his name his already written in my heart. Keep thinking that...i'm i expecting too much from him?? from my life??...
But when it comes to studies, i keep 99.9% concentration only on it. That's only the good and the greatest point in me...guess so!!!

My exams were finally finished. I was feeling very happy as i will be getting the net and can talk to him. I rushed to my home. Went to my room, opened the pc, comforted myself in a chair and connected the b

Dailing BSNL broadband....
I kept waiting, my heart was beating very fast,....oh! please god..

621 Error......

no!!!....please..what the hell??..can't be...for 2 weeks i was waiting....bloody crap!!!

I started scratching my head. Don't know what was the problem. Every wires were right. If loose, i tighted them again and again. I went runni
ing to my dad.. I was feeling very afraid because dad was always against me using the net. But luckily he was in a good mood..

Me: Daddy!.. the net is not connecting..

Dad: oh! did you put the wires correctly??

Me: Yes daddy, i did

Dad: Did you tighten the wires??

Me: Yes

Dad: Wait dear! it needs so
me time to connect, and how did you perform
in pre-final exams??

Now that was not the right question and not the right time.

Me: very well daddy! could you.....

Dad: Really??

Me: daddy! i'll tell you after i get the results. Now please come to my room and check theproblem..I beg of you

Dad: Wait for some time. I have to make an urgent call

Me: Daddy! please come.. it will take only a minute..please!..

Dad: Okay!..let's go..

Me: You are my best daddy, thanks!..did mom tell you that from right angle you look like Robert Pattinson......

So with great keen watch, checking again the wires, doing som
ething magical and secretable, he CONNECTED IT!!!
Must say...he is very great. I never ask him how he did or what he did, as i had only with the matter that it got connected

So i went to the site, typed my id and password and clicked ENTER. Though slow but at last everything was alright. I was expecting scraps from him. I got a new add request, 'Hi! iam Tanmay's classmate'.
I didn't answer that, i went to watch my scrapbook, but there were none scraps from him. I just saw his 'bye' scrap when we talked two weeks back. I felt like a crap. Atleast he should have scrapped me, should have asked the reason why i wasn't online for weeks. Guess, i was expecting much from him. I went back and saw again the request..'Hi! iam Tanmay's classmate Sanjay..Randomly, i added him, saw his profile, he was also looking good. But i didn't care about it... i wanted to see Tanmay's scraps... he was chatting with Meena. I sent 'hi' to both of them. It had been 10 min that i scrapped but i didn't get reply from both of them. They were sending scraps to each other but didn't send me. I just thought 'Bloody Hell' and went back to my scrapbook. I saw sanjay's scrap just a minute ago...
Hi Tanya! how are you?I hate that question as everyone asks that...very common..just for timepass, i replied, 'ya! iam fine...what about you?
Sanjay: I'm fine too. So you're from?

Me: Bangalore! so you are Tanmay's classmate?

Sanjay: Ya! and Meena's too. I guess you are a very good friend of
Tanmay, right?

Me: What made you think so?

Sanjay: Just asking.. i see ur scraps often in his scrapbook.

Me: That's very bad! You shouldn't read other's scraps.

Sanjay: Hey! I don't read them. I just glance at them. Anyways!

everyone does read other's scraps.

Me: Ya! i should accept that :D
After 15 min of conversation, Meena sent a scrap.....

Meena: Hi Tanya, how are you??
I thought that what made her remind of me suddenly..??

Me: I'm fine...and you? How is your college life?

I waited for eight minutes, she didn't reply me...and then Tanmay scrapped..

Tanmay: Hi Tanya! How are you dear? didn't talk with you for a long

I actually melt at his scraps.
Me: I'm fine dear. I was online from half an hour. But why didn't you reply??

Tanmay: Did you send a scrap?

Me: ya! ofcorse!
Tanmay: oh sorry Tanya!, i didn't notice your scrap. Actually i was talking to Meena....

Me: So????

Tanmay: What so Tanya? I told you once that i like Meena right? So i was talking to her. I am very happy Tanu.....
Now this definetly broke my heart. He mentioned once that he lik
es her, but i thought that he might be not so serious about it
Me: Oh!! I forgot!! So you are happy happy..Talk to her...

Tanmay: She has gone, she told that she has to go to a party with her friends.

Me: Oh! You should have also gone with her....

Tanmay: ya! she asked me..but actually iam not in a mood to go out.

Me: Okay!!!

Tanmay: Anyways! bye Tanya...

Me: bye!!!

Now everything was clear like a crystal. Guess i have expect
ed much from him. Between all this i didn't notice the scrap sent by Sanjay...17 min ago...

Sanjay: I've read your blog..simply to say i'm your great fan..i keep reading them..
That was very sweet one. I told about my blog to Tanma
y but he never asked about it.

Me: Sorry to reply late...i'm glad that you liked it..and fan??what are you saying? i'm just an oky-doky blogger :D
In 0 mintues he replied....

Sanjay: No! i admire are simply great..your recent story made me your come you be so imaginative?....imagin
ation or..... ;)

Me: 100% imagination... i never felt anything like that in real...

Sanjay: hmmm...but i guess you have feelings for Tanmay....
I deleted the scrap the time i recieved it

Me: What??

Sanjay: I'm sorry Tanya! but actually i just wanted to advice you onething. Stop feeling for him or else it will hurt a lot..

Me: Why???

Sanjay: He's a very good friend of mine...but he loves Meena...

Me: ya! he told me that...But does Meena love him?

Sanjay: I don't know that..

Me: Leave the bloody hell! talk something else..

Sanjay: ya! even i wanted to say, what do you aspire to become?

Me: a film director..

Sanjay: Hey!! me too... i knew you would choose some
thing like that..

Me: That's we can become gud competitors..right?

Sanjay: Maybe!! but your's will be the best..
I actually liked our was like an elixer to my wound....

Sanjay: Hey Tanya!! sorry!! i have to go..byee!!...

Me: Okay!!....bye!!..

Within three and Sanjay became good friends....

Sanjay: Hey!! can i ask your no.??
I was uncomfortable with that question..guess he knew that so he immediately sent another scrap after that..

Sanjay: Only SMS...i guarantee that...

Me: okay!'s 9440330394....

Sanjay: Hey!! can i see ur photo?...just casually..
Tanmay also asked that question. But i don't know why..w
hen it comes to showing photos..i always step -a-back...So i simply told just to get crap out of that...

Me: I don't look good...

Now any guy would definetly not ask after that...i guess guys like Tanmay would surely not even chat....

Sanjay: i don't care about it...i just want to see because you are my good friend......
I felt then good and an 100% belief that nothing would go wro i mailed him my photos....after 5 min he replied...

Sanjay: What???

Me: Told naa...!! i don't look good..

Sanjay: I mean..what?? how?? How can a girl be so beautiful???

Me: Really??

Sanjay: ofcorse!!.... i like you even more now ;)

That was something very romantic to hear and that too from a good looking guy..

Me: I never felt that...

Sanjay: Trust me!! you are very cute.. if you would have shown your photo to tanmay earlier...Meena would definetly be out of his mind..she is nothing compared to you...
I felt like i was in the seventh short i like Sanjay more than Tanmay...Sanjay was very sweet friend..Always we spend time together by chatting, playing online games...he actually looses to make me win...always replies in time and whenever i say a particular time to come online, he would be 10 min before...till now he never called me as he had to keep up his one day, i called him...

Sanjay: Hey!! Tanya!! your no. is flashing on the screen..i
s it you? i can't believe it? but you don't like to call naa? How?? Why??

Me: My god Sanjay!! tell me for which question i should answer..:D

Sanjay: oh sorry!! i'm completely shocked....

Me: Cool down!! to mention your voice is very matured and hot..;)

Sanjay: And your's is very sweet...
From then we talked often..sharing secrets, jokes, ideas, imaginations and suggestions for blogging...etc...

I saw a scrap of Tanmay which i didn't notice as i was talking to Sanjay...

Tanmay: Hi! how are you? actually you were right war
ned me to stay away from hurts...I've heard that Meena loves someone else..she betrayed me..i've no are my only friend..
Again a scrap of Tanmay...

Tanmay: Are you there Tanya? Why do u talk much with Sanjay?? You are my friend naa..
It was everything clear that Tanmay was just using me...iam just a toy for timepassing...and throw off when mood's off...Now that Meena is not in his life,he realized, and remembered that he has a stupid friend who used to be mad of him, wasted her time thinking about mention, these were all earlier and my past..i don't have any feelings for him i scrapped

Me: sorry to reply late...iam talking to my close friend..and actually i was wrong..Love never hurts unless we choose a rig
ht person........iam saying all this because.....iam in........LOVE....:)


monalisa said...
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Aparna said...

this is a sweet story you've written

happens in every teenager's life sometime or the other

i like the song you uploaded

really i could identify with the post

ASR said...

"hard to believe that its just 'nothing connected to ur life'.
really enjoyed.
keep writing."

vineet said...

i m damn sure u worte ur heart out..if not usual fan of urs

divya said...

nice story....really njoyed..keep writing

AVI said...

you are a very good writer...if u'd just imagined it.... but i doubt

n love the part when u were bein despo to talk tanmay.... love the feeling behind'em.... I m going to follow ur blog .... after this story... :')