Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why Every Woman Should go to a Stand-up Comedy Show!

“This weekend I shall be at home! Sleeping, eating, sitting and doing nothing”. Hold on Ladies! Say these boring lines one last time as it is time to go on a humor ride this weekend. Confused on how to spend an ideal weekend? Go for a stand-up comedy show! Read on to find out why!

 Stand-up comedy is a comic act in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, by interacting with them. Laughter is contagious and the best way for a loud laughter is the comedy!

 • It is the best way to relieve stress!

 Laughter is the best medicine. A good hearty laugh relieves stress and tension leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. It is a great stress buster. You will enjoy the show from beginning till the end.

 • It is a mood lifter

 If you are carrying worries and pressures with you, be it from your boss, your husband/boyfriend or your kids, standup comedy will make you feel them melt away as you lose yourself with the entertainment happening on the stage.

 • If you are the target! Then that’s much more fun!

Stand up comedy is where the comedians target the audience sitting in the first row. They talk to them, crack jokes on them and do insult comedy. That’s why people like to sit on the front row. Unlike in the movie theaters, Stand up comedy shows are the place where you will find the front row seats fully filled up.

 • You will be their FAN

 Who doesn’t love comedians! It is not an easy job to do comedy. Stand-up comedians perform comic acts alone on stage but never make us feel lonely. You will admire them, follow them on facebook, Instagram and subscribe to their funny videos.

Better than a movie plan! Shopping plan or any plan!

 Weekends are precious! Be it for working people, housewives or college students. Everyone loves the weekend. We try to plan for the weekend movie/shopping/ a trip prior but somehow fail on it. It is either because of our not- so- good mood or our so-called friends change plans the very last minute. And what are we left over with on the weekend? Home and Bed! No one changes their plans if it is for a stand-up comedy show. After all the pressures we go through for the whole 5 days, we need to beat the chronic stress. We need a stress buster. We need some humor, We need some great comedians who can make us laugh in a dirty and more dirty way. Yes! We need a stand-up comedy show. Comedian’s life is so good. Isn’t it? They do the most difficult thing in the world which everyone can’t! they make others laugh! How good it feels when you are telling a story to the people and they listen to you with a happy face. Always!

 • Improves relationship

If you are a married woman or are in a relationship, Stand up comedy is the best way to spend time with your loved ones.Live together! Laugh together! And yeah! Comedians mostly target the couples!

After the guitar, DSLR and Startups, Standup Comedy is trending and seeking attention worldwide. Plan your perfect weekend with a stand-up comedy show. Get ready to burst out with laughter. Laugh till your stomach hurts! Because a smile is a curve that sets everything right.