Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make Way for Tan

This story is about a plump girl Tanya who transforms into a girl of every man's dreams and how she finally gets her true valentine.

Tan's Way
Thanks for your feedback fellas. Some of you have asked me about the tips to lose weight. But why? I mean why do you want to lose weight? To impress someone you love or to be healthy? If the reason is the former then I would say a big NO. If you believe that the person would be impressed after you lose weight and would be attracted towards your new looks then you might be right but that wouldn't last for long. So, be yourself. If you are a foodaholic, then stay like that. You just got one life to live. So, have fun and eat your favourite food as much as you like. Pizza, burger,french fries, pastries,noodles..whatever. I weigh 75 kilos and Iam a big foodaholic,chocaholic...all holics. Killing calories is killing yourself. Say 'NO' to abdominal or any other equipment. Say 'NO' to diet,salad or raw food. Use escalator and elevator. When such a wonderful machine has been invented which takes you to your destination right in time then why sweat yourself by climbing steps. You won't be getting any reward if you reach the last one. Utilise the gadgets and enjoy your life.

Ram Varma: 75kgs?? are you serious??..yeah I have a weight problem but I don't weigh as much as you do. So funny that I was asking tips to lose weight from a stout..sorry.. love your column. I read it every week. But today you shocked me with your no.

Rashita: are sending wrong message to people. Losing weight is very much important to be healthy. I used to love your column. What happened to you this week??

Vicky: You weigh 75kilos?? Main to tumhaare ghar haat maangne keliye aanewala tha. The way you write your column is fantastic. This week was a lil thumbs down. You need to lose weight girl.

Joe: Agree with you girl. I weigh 165kgs and Iam a big foodaholic. I hate exercising or dieting. We should start a ralley. Say 'NO' to exercise.

124 and more feedbacks boosted this week. I used to be happy with 30.. 40 feedbacks as they used to motivate me to write something more and well. I wasn't happy this time because 80% of them were against of this weeks writing. The remaining supported me as undoubtedly they were of my category-The stouts.
Every week my column used to be a big hit. My writings on Beauty tips, How to be happy and have a positive attitude, How to have a peaceful mind, How to enjoy life, How to concentrate on studies or work, Talk politly etc made me famous and a big star. Today was my first attempt to write on weight loss. People's demand made me to put something on paper orelse even an inch I hear about weight loss, my blood turns hot. The feedbacks this time were so abusive and untolerable that I deleted every comments and decided to stop writing 'Tan's column' and close it forever.
No one knows how I look. People know me by the name Tan and by my writing. Many of them requested to reveal my identity but I refused to do so. I didn't want people to know how fat I look. It was my stupidity to mention that I was 75kilos. I hated the weight issue so much that whatever was in my mind I wrote it off no matter how funny, meaningless or stupid it was.
I was so unhappy that I felt like nothing to do. I used to earn a lil with my column. It was my part time job.

Me: Tanmay, where are you? I need you badly.

Tanmay! Smart,handsome, very handsome,sexy,every girls admirer,my childhood best friend and my hearthrob.
I admit that he is more than a friend for me. But I had no idea what he thinks about me. But today I made up my mind to tell him what I feel for him. I want to go away from this mean world who gives looks and personality priority.
I raced to Tanmay. Crazy thoughts were flowing in my mind. 'How will I tell him that how much special he is for me. What if he says no? What if he doesn't love me? Is he too like the others? Does he too like slim girls? I know that by looks Iam pretty. He told me that once but he used to tease me with my weight. I used to take it lightly then. But this time I didn't want to hear those words from his mouth.
Pops moon cafe-Town's classy disco spot lands right in front of Tanmay's house. When I reached his house and turned my eyes to the cafe, I got the biggest shock of my life. Tanmay was proposing Meena,my foe, a girl of same school and same class. I hate her more than anything else.

Meena: Oh Tanmay! Iam so happy today. But I always thought that you loved Tanya.

Tanmay: What?? Tanya?? That fat girl?? How can you be so stupid. She is just my best friend. Nothing more than that
My heart shattered when I heard those words. They couldn't see me as I was mixed with the crowd who were clapping and wishing them.But I could see them clearly. How Meena is close to the one I love, How Tanmay was fondling her and their hugs. I couldn't bear more when they were about to kiss each other. So I disappeared from that place.
I lamented as Tanmay deceived me. I went to a coffee shop to just get in a good mood.
To the waiter

Tanya: One hot chocolate please

A guy came to my table and joined me while I was busy reading a novel

Guy: If you don't mind can I join you?

I raised my head and saw a handsome, charming hunk talking to me. I generally get attracted towards men quickly but what I had for Tanmay was something else.

Tanya: Yeah sure!...why not.

The waiter was back with hot chocolate while the guy ordered Hot chocolate for himself.

Tanya: Oh! we have the same taste.

Guy: haha..yeah!..people love hot chocolate..don't they?

Tanya: Oh yeah! right....I'm Tanya by the way.

Guy: Oh..Iam Sanjay...Sanjay Mehra

Tanya: what do u do?

Sanjay: I work for Pratap Mishra,the advertiser..What about you?

I didn't want to mention him about my column writing and all as it turned down.

Tanya: I'm studying.

The waiter was back with a hot chocolate while I completed mine.

Tanya: One more please!
Waiter: Sure mam!

Sanjay felt a lil bit strange when I ordered another. When he saw my whole figure, then no doubts would be left for him, I'm sure

Tanya: Am a know!

Sanjay: (in a low voice) I can notice that

Tanya: Did you say anything?...

Sanjay: no...nothing

Suddenly Sanjay's phone rang and he gave an irritating look

Sanjay: (in a low voice)..why don't this guy leave me alone even for a second.

Tanya: any problem

Sanjay: Hello sir!...What made you remember me.

Pratab in phone: Sanjay, there's a big problem and you have to fix it

Sanjay: oh! what happened sir.

Pratab in phone: The fat girl whom we appointed ran away with all the money

Sanjay: Oh my god! (enjoying the hot chocolate) Should I call the cops sir.

Pratab in phone: Have you gone mad. I don't want to ruin my company's reputation my calling cops.

Sanjay: So what should I do sir.

Pratab in phone: Look Sanjay, I don't know how you'll do but I want a fat girl right by tomorrow. And not only fat girl but also she should be looking lil bit similar to Tiana.

Sanjay: (splitting hot chocolate) Tomorrow????..but..sir that's impossible.

Pratab in phone: I know that but YOU have to make it possible my dear.

Sanjay: How can I find a fat girl by tomorrow and that too who looks similar to Tiana.

Pratab in phone: I don't know how you'll do that Sanjay but if you don't bring me a girl by tomorrow, you are fired.

Sanjay: what! can't do that

Pratab in phone: I can Sanjay..I can. I've finalised a deal with one of the successful advertising manager. It's my luck that he did not see the fat girl. And I don't want to lose this opportunity .

Sanjay: Sir! if we find Liala the fat girl, all the problem would be solved.

Pratab in phone: (angrily) I don't know what you'll do or how you'll do but I want a fat girl right by tomorrow. If you want to find Liala then do. But remember, don't bring police into all this or else you are dead.

Sanjay: yea....yesss sir.

Pratab in phone: It's going to be a hard day for you Sanjay. Only 24 hours left. Either find a fat girl or either find a new job.You love your present job,don't you? and I know that you are not going to let it go away. Count down begins....

Pratab shut the phone after saying those scary words while Sanjay was worried. Tanya witnessed the scene and was curious to know what it was all about.

Tanya: You are sweating. Are you alright. Do you need a hanky.

Sanjay: Will you just shut your mouth for some time!!!

Tanya: I was just..I was just trying to help you..I'm sorry.

Sanjay: No..Iam sorry...I shouldn't have spoke to you like that. Actually, Am just going through a bad time.

Tanya: Oh! I can see that. If Iam not wrong and all this happened after this phone call. If you don't mind can I know what the matter is..???..You know, my granny used to say that by sharing sorrows, all worries and tensions become lite.

I was about to mention that Iam a philospher naturally and that I write a column. But then I felt I shouldn't tell as again i thought that 'Tan's way' turned down!!!!.....but Sanjay completely shocked with his words

Sanjay: I wish Tan was here..

Tanya: You wish what??
I thought in my mind,'No Tanya no...Tan is not the Tan in your column. She might be other one. Otherwise who idiot would read your loser column and Sanjay, no doubt! he's a busy man. He doesn't get time to read.

Sanjay: you read Tan's column?? She writes it every week.But this time she didn't.

I was totally surprised when I heard those soothing words...that too from a guy like Sanjay
Tanya: You read it??

Sanjay: (cheerfully) Every week..her columns are like elixer to me. I really love the way she writes. It's she who inspired me at every step of my life. Her column about 'How to have a positive attitude' helped me a lot. I got this job only because of that. Otherwise I was disconfident to even apply for this job. She's my wellwisher,my idol, my everything.

I was hearing his words very keenly. I imagined Tanmay saying this to me. I mentioned to him once that I write a column in newspaper everyweek. He was like..'who cares'...When Sanjay said that he wrote me a feedback on my last column, I was anxious to read that but then I got stricked in my mind that I deleted my all comments.

Sanjay: I really wish that she shows her face. I want to know how she looks. She writes beautifully..then Iam sure she must be beautiful too

Now..these words were lil thumbs down for me. I was like..'look I found another guy who likes good looking girls' I was sure that he shouldn't have read my 27th article where I mentioned that I weigh 75 kilos.

Tanya: Did you read her 27th article

Sanjay: Yeah I did.

Tanya: So you must be knowing that she is 75 kilos right.

Sanjay: Yeah I

Tanya: So? that's weighs a me..but she is talented right.

Sanjay: Look Tanya,Talent has nothing to do with ones looks or personality. And it's so cheap that you consider looks first being the reader of Tan's column...
He diverted his line to other line and I realised that I said something which I shouldn't have to say-

Sanjay: wait a read tan's column too..that's geat. we have double interests.

Tanya:(to herself,in a low voice) Oh shit! why did I say that

Sanjay: Did you say anything?

Tanya: No..nothing..umm..Yeaaah! I read her columns too.

Sanjay: But you don't seem like you take her articles seriously. You might read her articles casually. You should utilise her tips in your life. Then see how you'll step ahead.

Wow! this was hilarious for me. Sanjay was telling me to utilise my own tips. But I guess he was right. What ever I pen down might be true. I encourage and inspire others but for myself I feel depressed.
It was a cute feeling for me when he said all that. I was blushed to know that Sanjay was my fan..I mean tan's fan.

Tanya: So, seems like you are her great fan

Sanjay: Fan?? I just love her!..she...she's so special for me. If she comes in front of me..I will....I've no idea what I will do. May be I'll just
there was a bouque right to their table. Sanjay picked it and started expressing his feelings about Tan. He gave that bouque to Tanya ,indeed he was giving it to his idol Tan)

Sanjay: You are my idol,my guide,my philosopher,my everything. What ever Iam today is all because of you Tan. I don't care what others say about you. I don't care if you are 75kgs or 750kgs. What all matters for me is you and your pure heart. I deeply love you. I respect you and want you in my life. I sent a feedback on your last column. I know that you get 100's of feedbacks so u might have not noticed mine. I wrote in favour of you.
I was completey melted with his words. Though he said that for tan. But all atlast, Tan is me :)

Tanya: Wow!!..umm

Sanjay: (coming back from dreamland)..ohh!...Iam sorry. I went quite emotional

Tanya: Quite??...

Sanjay:..yeah fine!..very very emotional.

Tanya: Now that's right. So tell me now. What problem do you have. Look Iam not Tan but I read her columns.. so I might help a lil for you.

Sanjay: My problem. I had no problem until Tan wrote columns. She didn't write this week and look where Iam death!

Tanya: What's the matter

Sanjay: As I said before Pratab Mishra is my phsyco boss

Tanya: You didn't tell me that he was psycho

Sanjay: (rolling his eyes) will you listen or not?

Tanya: ok ok..sorry

Sanjay: Our company has finalised a diet ad tomorrow and the lead girl has ran away with 5 lakh rupees.

Tanya: OMG! did they call cops

Sanjay: No..M.r Mishra's saying is that by calling the cops our company's reputation would go down.

Tanya: hey! that's not done. You people should call the cops. It's a crime and 5 lakh rupess is so big amount.

Sanjay: yeah but who''ll make him understand. Anyway that isn't my problem. My problem is my niche,which is full in danger.

Tanya: what happened

Sanjay: He said that if I didn't find a fat girl,he'll fire me.

Tanya: what? what did you say?

Sanjay: he'll fire me

Tanya: not that..before said need a fat girl????

Sanjay: yeah

Tanya: you need a fat girl for an ad. Have you gone nuts. Why would you want a fat girl??

Sanjay: That's because our company is making an ad where a fat girl feels depressed of her weight..she drinks diet coke,does exercise and changes into a slim girl.

Tanya:..oh! really??

Sanjay: yeah ofcorse.

Tanya: Is that really true Sanjay??

Sanjay:..umm..well...okay...actually not. It's like..okay Iam going to reveal the truth-we'll keep a fat girl at first..and then a slim girl.

Tanya: Oh!..I knew people just claim and boast....and cheat innocent people with your useless products.

Sanjay: But Tanya, that's how business goes. And we are not the only one who do that. Everyone does the same.

Tanya: I just can't believe this. Being a tan's fan how can you say or do such things. You know what? you are facing bad times. the reason is not because that Tan has stopped writing her columns. It's because that you are not genuine. Not honest.

Sanjay: hmm..yeah.. you are right. But what should I do now. I don't want to lose my job.

Tanya: As part of your business., let it go how it goes. We can't help it..Actually Iam sorry to say all that. Was behaving like a good citizen and all. Just forgot that how this mean world is....You shouldn't waste your time.Go and find some fat girl

Sanjay: That only is not my problem. She should look similar to Tiana.

Tanya: hey..ur boss really needs a psychiatrist. How can you find a similar girl to Tiana in one day.

Sanjay looked worried and suddenly his face lightened with an excitement.

Sanjay: I have a better plan.

Tanya: What?

Sanjay: Just wait and watch

Tanya was curious to know Sanjay's plan while Sanjay ringed to his boss.

Pratab in phone: Wow Sanjay! I didn't know that you'll do your work so soon.

Sanjay: Actually sir I have a better plan.

Pratab in phone: You are risking your job Sanjay. Just do what I say. Don't act too smart

Sanjay: It's about company's advantage,sir

Pratab in phone: Advantage?? What is it

Sanjay: Sir! what can our company gain by just making an ad. Let's try something else. Let's start a show.

Pratab in phone: A show?? what show?

Sanjay: A diet show,a challenge where a fat girl loses her weight and in just 3 months she changes to a slim girl.

Pratab in phone: Have you lost your mind? that's impossible!

Sanjay: No sir! it's possible!...sir don't you trust your diet coke. And it's been tested that it contains zero calories.
Pratab in phone: yeah that's right! but..sorry Sanjay..I can't take a risk..I can lose my job too.

Sanjay: But sir! If it's sucessful, then there will be a great advantage for our show. High TRP ratings,High market price..what all do we want.

That was enough to make Pratab agree.Sanjay told about his new fat girl. Pratab agreed to it. Sanjay succeeded in his plan but the real trouble was further.

Tanya: What am I hearing this?..A show?

Sanjay: So..heard much!..yep!...a diet show

Tanya: look I really don't know what you have thought. Hope it's good for people and for your job. Iam leaving now.It's getting late..all the best...and find a fat girl as soon as possible.

Sanjay: I did

Tanya: Did what?

Sanjay: I found a fat girl.

Tanya: Really? who?

Sanjay: You

Tanya: okay...whaaaat?


Tanya: Have you lost can I..why will I..I mean..

Sanjay: look tanya..My job is in danger and this is the only way in which I can save my job. Please help me out with this. An it's not only good for me. It's good for you too. You can change in to a person who you always wanted to be. You can wear all those clothes..all those shorts which you were afraid to wear. You can get any guy. Just one move and one looks of yours and guys will be in line. You are good looking. What all you need is a good personality which I can give you.

Sanjay's words rised a new hope in my heart that by doing this,I may get my hearthrob Tanmay back.

Tanya: You really think that all this will happen?

Sanjay: Ofcorse! I swear on Tan's coke is true and effective. Accept the ads we make.

Tanya: Iam so ready for this.

Sanjay: Then fine. Will meet you morning tomorrow sharp at 9..then we'll meet my psycho boss to show him our show's new face

Tanya: Oh! Iam so happy!..finally I'll be slim. Thanks a lot Sanjay.

Next day, Sanjay took Tanya to Pratab. Pratab liked her and wished Sanjay all the best for his new show as he would host it.They had to start the show soon as the company was in loss as no ads came along and very few were buying the diet coke. The show begun suddenly with a low TRP at first as people were unware of it.But 2 weeks later it boosted with maximum TRP. The concept of the show was unique and a guarantee to lose 15 kgs in 3 months had win people's hearts. Many people were trying to do what Tanya did -Exercising twice a day,dieting(eating fruits and green vegetables,no oily food,drinking juices and lot's of water),most important -drinking DIET COKE.Sanjay helped Tanya a lot. Always supported her.They read tan's old column on'How to be self confident a 100 times.She got diverted many times. But Sanjay had not only been a host but also a strict teacher of Tanya as he had his personal experience as a gym master.He used to run a gym before getting a job from Pratab Mishra. Most of the customers started using diet coke and the schedule of Tanya's day-to-day activities . This made a boost in the market. The company was happy and promoted Sanjay to the advertising director. Pratab was proud of him.
Everything changed in Sanjay's life and so did Tanya. Tanya lost weight completely. In between all this, these two youngsters had no idea when they fell in love. They didn't know about it

Sanjay: So, final episode of our show. Are you ready for this?

Tanya: Very ready

Sanjay started hosting the show and everyone were eager to know how Tanya looked after a week. For every week she lost 2 kgs.

Tanya entered the platform. She looked very beautiful and gorgeous. Her curves and moves shaked everyone.75 kgs Tanya turned to 50 and less. She looked like a doll. Everyone admired her and were totally amazed of the change in her.
Tanya to audience

Tanya: Iam very happy today. Not only that I lost weight but because of this show many of you who were trying to hide your fat to people like I did 3 months ago have lost it now. No side-effects,no fake promises.Only healthy diet with regular exercise adding the COKE DIET in between has made this possible. It involves your hard work and dedication to it. I used to be a foodaholic too. I love pizzas,burgers and especially hot chocolate.

Sanjay gave a short smile when Tanya said that. But after some time he felt motionless when Tanya continued further

Tanya: Even I had the reason for doing this. I loved a guy who loves another girl. At first I felt that he decieved me. But then I realised that he never loved me. I was just a best friend for him. But I...I crazily loved him. Not 3 months before but like since 9 years. He is my childhood friend.But he always gave looks to priority. He judged me with my personality.

Sanjay felt sad after hearing that. He wanted to propose Tanya that day. He bought a diamond ring for her and wanted to propose her on the final episode of the show.As his dreams were shattered,he couldn't bear to hear one more word. As Tanya was about to say the next word, Tiana entered into the scene. She covered herself in the audience and shot Tanya. She was jealous of her success and that being a top model she was fired for the ad without a reason. Tanya had been raced to the hospital. Sanjay was lately informed about her. He rushed to the hospital. When he went there he saw Tanmay sitting beside Tanya. He witnessed the scene by hiding behind the wall.

Tanmay: How are you Tanya!

Tanya: Tanmay!!!..Is that you?

Tanmay: Yes it's me dear. How are you feeling now.

Tanya: Iam okay now

Tanmay: Tanya, I heard whatever you said at the show. I didn't know that you love me. Iam such a bad best friend. I didn't try to figure out what my best friend felt about me.But you were right that I consider looks. And that's why Iam paying now. You remember Meena?..She decieved me. She went off with someone else.
I stolidly said that I was sorry for him. And then Tanmay did what I had expected. He fakely proposed me saying that he loves me and that we were born for each other. The truth was that he liked me because of my new look and fame.

Tanmay: So, how is your Tan's column going?

These words were like an earthquake to Sanjay who was hiding behind the wall. He acted to be stoical but couldn't bear the shock more. Bymistake he dropped a flower varse which was beside him and the noise made 3 of them alert. Tanya wanted to say something but she couldn't while Sanjay gave an angry look ,wiping his tears he went back.
Tanmay hugged me. All those old feeling rose in my heart

Tanmay: Hey Tanya,there's valentine's party tomorrow at pop's moon cafe.

Tanya: Oh wow!

Tanmay: We both used to go together every year but not inside the party. But this time Tanya I want you to be my valentine.

Tanya: I always wanted to hear those words form Tanmay.'Will you be my valentine'..
Tanya got discharged and Tanmay dropped her home. Tanmay reminded Tanya again about the valentine's party the next day.

Tanmay: So don't forget! tomorrow evening sharp at 7..

Tanya: Yeah sure. Bye

Tanmay. you...miss you my valentine.

I was in my bed trying to sleep. This night would be really hard for me to spend. I saw Tanmay's and my photos. All the memories were refreshed.The days when we both used to play with each other.Have coffee at pop's moon cafe,late nights,school bunks.
It was 7 at evening the next day and Tanmay waited for Tanya with a ring on his hand. He doubted that Tanya wouldn't come. But atlast Tanya came. She looked like a princess in white sparkling prom dress. Her long curly sizzling hair flattered everyone. It was like the party was for her. Everyone looked at her and admired her beauty. Tanmay was ready with a ring and Tanya was coming towards Tanmay.She looked worried and then gave a short smile when she looked straight. Tanmay was about to put the ring while Tanya walked along ignoring Tanmay completely. There at front stood Sanjay. Tanya ran towards him and jumped on him in joy and both fell on the floor.The ring which Sanjay brought for Tanya fell from his pocket and rolled straight and stopped at Tanmay.

Sanjay: Well.....Thankgod that you lost weight otherwise I would have been dead now.

Tanya: You stupid! idiot. Why didn't you tell me that You love me.

Sanjay: I thought that you don't love me

Tanya: You're such an asshole. How can I know that you love me without you telling to me.

Sanjay: Even you never said that you love me.

Tanya: should propose first.
The previous day when Sanjay went back from the hospital,an arguement went between Tanya and Tanmay.

Tanmay: Who is he?

Tanya: You don't know him? He is the host of my show

Tanmay: Oh!

Tanya: You said that you watched my show right.

Tanmay: Yeah..but..

Tanya: So you watched the last episode of my show when I completely lost my weight. When I became slim right?..

Tanmay: Stop that Tanya!..and say How's your Tina's column going.

Tanya: (very angryily): It's not Tina...It's Tan..Tan for Tanya.

Tanmay: Okay..whatever..Tanya.

Tanya: Oh shit! now I understood why he went away..the Tan column.

Tanmay: where are you going Tanya!..Tanya! wait!

Tanya got a pen and paper. Undoubtedly she was going to write the 28th article of her 'Tan's column'.

Tanmay: What is that you are writing Tanya?

Tanya: Will you just shut your mouth for sometime..let me concentrate. And thanks to remind me of Tan's column. I am really thankful to you.

Tanmay couldn't understand anything. The fool thought that he made Tanya foolish by trapping her but Tanya understood well about Sanjay.She also knew how to bring Sanjay back.

Tan's column
Sorry fellas! Been late. Been very very late. Some of you know me as Life teacher. Some of you know me that I weigh 75 kgs. But nobody knows that Iam an ordinary girl with a heart. When I mentioned that I was 75 kgs in my last letter..oh god! what lovely feedbacks I got. But when Iam 50-less now, I got fame, name everything. Yes people! Iam the girl in the diet coke show and Iam the same girl who writes short column, 'Tan's column'. My name is Tanya and I realised well now that people not only judge others by chracter but also by the personality and by the looks they have.Racial discrimination might have ended between us and foreigners but widely started among us.Iam writing this column not for you all but for the one person who always supported me,who accepted me in the way I was,who has always been there for me and he is Sanjay.
Sanjay,where ever you are. Please return. These 3 months were really special for me because you were there next to me at every step. I wanted to tell you before that I was Tan but I was afraid as I thought you would be the same person as others. But spending 3 months with you made me totally forget the before 75kgs Tanya-who writes Tan's columns. I always felt happy whenever you used to praise Tan and her column. You don't care if Tan is 75kgs or 750kgs.What all matters for you Tan and her pure heart. Sanjay, I love you.Truely and deeply. I was about to tell lastnight at the show in front of everyone that I love you. But I guess destiny wants us to get together through Tan's columns. It's true that I loved Tanmay before but I don't love him now. I never wanted to share this with you coz I didn't want to talk about him.
Sanjay. You say that Iam your Idol,philosopher and teacher but I want to tell the same thing to you. You changed my life. You are like an angel sent by a god and I want this angel to be with me forever and ever. Please come back. I've lost love once. I don't want to lost it again.


The previous night when Tanmay asked Tanya to come to the valentine's party the next day, Tanya casually said yes but didn't want to go with him. The whole night she was confused if she should go to the party or not. She knew that Sanjay loves him.

Tanya to herself: Whenever I talk to Tanmay, I get butterflies in my tummy. But now, I feel it for Sanjay. Why do I blush when he talks about Tan. Why is it that whenever he talks about Tan, I want to reveal the truth. Why do I feel happy and safe when he's with me. Is it love? Do I love him?

I glanced at my and Tanmay's childhood photos. All old memories got life. But when I thought about my present life, I realised that the guy in the photo was missing. The 3 months which I spent with Sanjay has erased all the feelings I had for Tanmay. I then realised who was the right person for me and who was my true valentine.


Atlast, Sanjay read her article when he was at the railway station planning to leave the town. He went back and searched for Tanya. He got somewhere the news that Tanya is going to a valentine's party.He thought that it would be the right moment when he would propose her. He bought a diamond ring and wanted to propose her the next day.
Present situation where Tanya and Sanjay were in valentine's party.

Tanya: I knew you would read the article. But how did you know that I was here?

Sanjay: Destiny dear! It always make us to meet.

Tanya: Oh Sanjay!..Why are you so good??

Sanjay: If I've not been good how would I get you in my life?

Tanya: Oh! I love you Sanjay!

Sanjay: Love you too.

Tanmay realised how wrong he was. He picked up the ring and gave it to Sanjay saying, You are the true valentine of her. You both are made for each other. Go bless you both. And Tanya,please forgive me for what I've done. But please don't break our friendship

Tanya: No Tanmay, You had been my best friend,You are my best friend and will be forver

And that's how the story ends and how Tanya and Sanjay discovered the day of their love

Feedback for 28th cloumn:

Manish: Happy for you both. All the best for your future to both of you.

Yashita: Sanjay is so supporting. Wish I could get someone like him. Tanya, you are very lucky.

George: Happy to find you writing again. Please do write every week. I want your column to be eternal.

Om: The lord always thinks about everybody. You didn't get Tanmay as your soulmate as Sanjay was the true one,The true valentine.

Samuel: Your story is no more less than a romantic film. All the best for you future girl and keep writing.